The USCHA has ten (10) regions

Region 1

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming

Region 2

S. California, Arizona, S. Nevada, S. Utah, and W. Colorado

Region 3

N. California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, N. Nevada, W. Utah and Alaska

Region 4

N. Texas, E. Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Region 5

Mississippi, Tennessee, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama

Region 6

Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia ,Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island

Region 7

Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota

Region 8

E. Colorado, S. Colorado, New Mexico, and West Texas

Region 9

Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan

Region 10

S. Texas and Louisiana

Looking for Show Producers!

Interested in having or sponsoring USCHA shows in your area? There are many benefits for show producers, call the USCHA office to learn more about what USCHA will do for you! Regional awards include Rookie of the Year, Rider of the Year, Horse of the Year & Top 5 in all USCHA classes! USCHA Championships have great prize money for weekend cutters and fantastic awards for each Region including saddles, buckles and much much more! MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! ONLINE REGISTRATION NOW AVAILABLE!  Please review the USCHA rulebook. We know you will find the USCHA to be a great addition to the cutting horse industry today. The USCHA organization and its founding members simply want to give all cutters additional choices for cutting horse competitions in the United States. We truly respect show producers, other organizations and our fellow cutters in the industry. Join US! It’s going to be a great ride!