2019 Annual National Standings

1/1/2019 thru 09/01/19

Owner of the Year - Top 15

Owner Earnings
Jennifer Barnett $18,342.05
Gerry Gehring $18,053.78
Laney Sikorski $16,508.83
James Kier $13,534.94
Duane Birdsong $12,790.80
Glenn Roach $11,504.27
Richard Irby $11,313.15
Betty Van Houten $10,945.43
Anna Marie Schreck $9,683.51
Teddy Jones $9,159.80
Hugh Griffith $8,365.76
Keith Baehmann $7,604.50
Rickie Cox $7,577.12
Lisa Crossen $6,387.06
Ellie Schreck $5,832.39

Name with line through it means ineligible for awards due to ownership interest in the association.

Open Ranch Jr Horse of the Year - Top 5

Horse Earnings
Wrushin Wroulette$796.56
Aplain Brown Rapper$177.00
Docs To Hot$122.50

Open Ranch Sr Horse of the Year - Top 5

Horse Earnings
Cristi Oak$1,444.27
Steadys Lil Snap$392.80
Smart Gypsy Merada$345.50
Meradas Chigalou$150.00
Girls Guns N Money$109.84

Rookie of the Year - Top 5 (Swipe left to see more)

Rider Earnings
Tammi Tognetti $2,791.04
Lauren Szalach $2,404.66
Gary J Sorrell $1,321.47
Denise Jones $1,114.10
John Powell $995.63

Horse of the Year - Top 5

Horse Earnings
Mamas Too Smooth$15,638.98
Smooth Knitty Kitty$13,534.94
Ruby Sue Boon$11,504.27
RN One Time Viper$10,945.43
Stylin Shorty$10,825.93

Rider of the Year - Top 5

Rider Earnings
Kyle Cox $40,409.84
Trent Bell $28,647.62
Charlie Ashcraft $14,998.03
James Kier $13,534.94
Jennifer Barnett $12,497.27

Year End winner will receive a Custom Trophy saddle by Ashcraft Saddlery!